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  • Trike or Cart Kit

    Rickshaw Brushless DC Motor Kit with 48V 750W BM1418ZXF BLDC Motor
    Application on Tricycle,Four wheel Cart or Trike.with Digital Twist Throttle.Motor Power 350W/500W/750W...
    BLDC Electric Trike Conversion Kit for Three Wheel Ebike Tricycle
    power various from 1000W to 2200W,Electric Brushless Motor Kit For Tricycle / Rickshaw / Three Wheels Bike etc....
    Bigger Power Electric Motorized Motorcycle Geared Motor Kit 2200W 60V
    Big Stronger Power BLDC Motor Kit,the chain and gear have single double row option....
    Mobility Scooter Motor Kit 600W 36V MY1020Z for Electric Trolley
    Brush DC Motor Kit MY1020Z Motor+Controller+Wuxing Thumb Throtte.For electric tricycle,electric trolley etc electric mobility....