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  • Tricycle or Rickshaw Kit

    Electric Tricycle Brushless DC Motor with 500W Split Drum Rear Bridge
    Brushless Differential box DC Motor with Drum Split Rear Axle bridge and Brushless Controller...
    Tricycle Axle Bridge Kit with Disc Brake 750W BLDC Differential Motor
    Split type disc brake rear bridge with brake level and BLDC Motor,1pair is 2pcs....
    Electric Rickshaw Conversion Kit with Gear Bridge ASSY Steel DC Motor
    Integrated Drum Rear bridge with BLDC Motor.Self Confirmation Integrated Shift Disc Brake Rear Axle Bridge Size...
    Electric Trike Cargo Kit with Disc Brake Differential Gear Bridge
    Integrated disc brake bridge with brushless DC Motor.rear axle model size: 400*600*780, motor 48V 800W...