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    New Products Release---New Mountain Bike Middle Drive Brushless DC

    Author : Site EditorPublish Time :

    Good News! Our new Mountain Bike Middle Drive Brushless DC Motor Kit online.
    Can COMPLETE WITH BAFANG Middle Motor Kit. And Cheaper than Bafang Motor Kit.

    The speed can reach 40-50KM.
    Features: 1:23 super high speed ratio;
    95MM super large rotor; large torque;
    Fine workmanship: aviation aluminum profile, surface anodizing;
    Simple installation; Easy to use, Stable maintenance-free;
    Climbing ability bigger than 40°
    Vehical Type: 12-26 inch, BB( Five-way): 68-73mm universal use
    Voltage: 36V/48V/60V
    Power: 250W/350W/500W/800W

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