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  • Lithium Battery Pack

    Electric Bike Lithium Battery for 250W to 1KW motor Mountain EBike
    the battery volt 24V/36V/48V,Capacity from 8AH-25AH,with charger and battery bag.It is forbidden to use in wet and watery places...
    Ebike Lithium Battery for DIY Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit
    the battery volt 36V/48V,Capacity from 8AH-18AH,with charger...
    Lithium Battery Pack with Charger and USB port for Ebike motor kit
    the battery volt 36V/48V,Capacity from 8AH-21AH,with charger...
    Lead-acid Rechargeable battery for electric tricycle ebike scooter
    Voltage 12V,Capacity 12AH,More capacity have 20AH,22AH,28AH,32AH to 200AH;Size 151x100x99mm,Weight 4.20KG...