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  • Product Range and Application?

    We supply industrial products all over the globe to wide range of companies worldwide,ranging from large multinational organizations to small individualcompanies.

    Wenzhou Yalu Electric Co.,Ltd

    is a technology,industry and trade integrated comprehensive enterprise.We are the permanent magnet DC motor pro fessional manufacturer.

    We have an annual output of various types of permanent magnet DC motor 8 million units of production capacity,The main products include DC L&H voltage...


    Why did you choose us?

    Our Production Concept

    Manufacturing high-quality products,escort the safety and convenience for user.

    Our corporate values

    In order to help our customers increase the competitiveness on their market,we should offer our qualitay product and favorable price as much as possible.

    Quality after-sales service

    Professional after-sales service team,to provide you with perfect and convenient after-saless service.

    Sales Network

    Our products hav exporting to Europ,North America,Latin America,Central Asia,Southeast Asia,Oceania,Africa etc.overseas markets, It's great praised andfavored by our customers

    Hotline Products


    The 13th China Wuxi International New Energy Electr Vehicle Exhibition

    The 13th China Wuxi International New Energy Electr Vehicle Exhibition during 16th-18th May 2019...

    The 29th China International Bicycle Fair

    We are attending The 29th China International Bicycle Fair at 06th-09th May get good harvest. Thanks for our old custome...

    New Products Release---New Mountain Bike Middle Drive Brushless DC

    Good News! Our new Mountain Bike Middle Drive Brushless DC Motor Kit online. Can COMPLETE WITH BAFANG Middle Motor Kit....

    Application area

    YALU MOTOR Right Side DIY Motor Ebike Kit Installation Video
    YALU MOTOR Left Side Driving Motor Kit Installation Video
    YALU MOTOR MY1016Z Middle Driving Motor Kit
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